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Change Collectives services and products 

We address situations where violence is perpetrated by a partner, cohabitant, ex-partner, or other family member.


Intimate partner violence is common, and its effects are present in every workplace. Often, intimate partner violence falls under psychosocial ill health in the workplace and is described or labeled based on other causes as for example, co operation problems, bad management or on an individual level anxiety, inertia or depression.

We also work with all forms of stalking; the stalker can be a friend, colleague, former employee, or unknown.

As an employer you have the option to choose pre-developed starter packages. These are especially developed for the workplace and then progress can be made through our various levels of employee support. Alternatively you can try out services by selecting from the options below.

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Basic Kit

We have designed a basic package for businesses that provides HR and managers with tools and confidence to identify early signals and act on them. The basic package is full of tools, and these tools, combined with knowledge acquisition, provide good conditions for the business to act on psychosocial ill health caused by domestic violence.  

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Preliminary study

As a part of the preliminary study, we conduct screening. It is conducted anonymously and covers various general causes of psychosocial ill health. Many operations today suffer from a negative impact on psychosocial health in the workplace. If one believes that the symptoms are the cause, wrong actions will be taken. With our preliminary study, you significantly reduce the risk of wrong actions being taken. Your output will be an action plan based on real causes that when adressed will elevate your work environment. 

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Lectures and Webinars

Change Collective's lectures and webinars provide managers and employees with the understanding of the negative effects in the workplace caused by intimate partner violence. We also provide tools on how to act when suspecting that a colleague is a victim of intimate partner violence. 

Click on the button below to listen to an excerpt from our latest webinar.

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Guidelines and Policys 

We provide all perspectives: the perspective of the victim, the colleague, and the manager. We assist in implementing guidelines for how you should address intimate partner violence in your workplace. Our guidelines are action-oriented and include several practical tools that can be put into use. We provide education and support to actively address this issue in the workplace

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Time Pool

Time pool handles calls from managers and employees where intimate partner violence is the cause or partial cause of employees' ill health.

Our support assists in assessing the situation and identifying the right way forward. We also provide comprehensive assessments of how it is best to proceed based on the current situation.

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Our app MILO

Our product MILO app includes numerous features that guides a vulnerable employee through a process which enables them to take action in their own life situation and helps them to break the process of normalization. With MILO in hand, employees have a powerful tool to navigate out and avoid ending up in relationships where violence occurs.

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Stalking Support & Change

Our expertise encompasses all stalking scenarios, whether the stalker is a friend, colleague, ex-employee, or unidentified individual. Stalking typically involves persistent, unwelcome contact.

  • Our team specializes in delivering proactive support for such situations.

  • We're adept at gathering and securing crucial evidence.

  • For cases involving unidentified stalkers, we have the capability to assist with their identification in certain situations.

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Support programs

At Change Collective, our therapists guide the employees journey, crafting customized action plans that integrate insights from various fields. We focus on helping the employee understand and manage trauma and stress, ensuring hers or his well-being now and in the future. Our approach uses the Change Collective method, known for its effectiveness and proven results.

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Aftermath Violence Support 

We have support programs for employees that have left an abusive relationship without previous Change Collective involvement. Your employee receives tools to handle the current situation in their life. We have experience and expertise in how the systems work.

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