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Welcome to some deep reading. 

We invite you to explore how you can work with psychosocial ill health. Whether you're looking to partner with us or simply learn more, your first step to engage make a real difference for your workplace. Join us in our mission to not just respond to emergencies but to prevent them, ensuring a safer, more supportive workplace for everyone.

Discover our projects, and let's work together to make more workplaces great! Together, we can create working environments where well-being through psychological safety and resilience are paramount.


Chalmers University of Technology is setting a new standard in ensuring the safety and well-being of its community by deepening its collaboration with Change Collective. Focused on combating domestic violence, this initiative reflects Chalmers' unwavering commitment to securing a supportive and secure environment for both students and employees. By developing comprehensive policies, educational programs, and targeted support systems, Chalmers exemplifies how academic institutions can play a crucial role in addressing challenges that affects employees and students, ensuring a safer future for all. Click the Chalmers logo to read more about this customer case. 

In a collaborative effort that underscores the importance of workplace safety and support, Sodexo partnered with Change Collective to implement a groundbreaking and innovative initiative aimed at combating domestic violence. This case highlights the proactive steps taken to equip employees with the necessary resources and training to handle sensitive situations effectively, demonstrating Sodexo's commitment to creating a secure and supportive environment for all its staff. Through this partnership, Sodexo not only addressed an urgent societal issue but also set a precedent for corporate responsibility and employee welfare. Click the Sodexo logo to read more about this customer case. 

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