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Research and reports 

Here you will find links to research articles and reports that we consider valuable. Additionally, other articles that we believe should reach our audience will also be included in our listing. 

Psychological violence should be considered as a more serious form of IPV which can affect the mental health of victims. Experiencing more than one form of IPV can increase severity of outcomes. Researchers should look at IPV as a multi-dimensional experience. A uniformed definition and measure of IPV could help advance knowledge and understanding of this disparaging global issue.


Domestic violence impacts employment, productivity, safety, and health in a myriad of ways. This has forced governments, international organisations, and labour market institutions to progressively recognise and respond to domestic violence as a workplace issue.


By acknowledging the interconnection between work and private life, employers open the door to widening the reach of the employment relationship and offering help to domestic violence victims, with measures that range from extended leaves of absence to assistance in developing a personal support and workplace safety plan to providing training and education about domestic violence and prevention procedures.


The aim of this study was to propose wage multipliers

that can be used to estimate the costs of productivity loss for

employers in economic evaluations, using detailed information from



This is the first systematic review of cohort studies to measure the magnitude of the association and temporal direction between recent exposure to in- timate partner violence (IPV) and health outcomes.


This paper was commissioned by the World Bank Group to help inform a forthcoming report on women’s voice, agency, and participation. It does not necessarily reflect the views and research of the World Bank Group.


European Agency for Safety and Health at Work


This paper presents a review of the literature on this topic. The 75 papers included in this review cover both original research studies and those which undertook secondary analyses of primary data sources. We reviewed research papers published from 2006 to 2012 include quantitative and qualitative studies from Western and developing countries. The results show that while there is variation in prevalence of IPV across various cultural settings, IPV was associated with a range of mental health issues including depression, PTSD, anxiety, self-harm, and sleep disorders. 


”Jag visste inte att

vården kunde hjälpa mig.”

* Våld i nära relation är ett omfattande folkhälsoproblem som inte ser ut att minska. Denna studie

som omfattar över 6 000 kvinnor i Region Stockholm visar att omkring 8 procent lever med våld

i en nära relation. I ett livstidsperspektiv är siffran 25 procent.

* Only in Swedish

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