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Advanced technology paving the way to a future without domestic violence.

Welcome to
Change Collective

Domestic violence is an issue that walks through the doors of workplaces everyday. 

At each workplace, at least 5 percent of employees are victims of physical, sexual or mental abuse. 

Yet, most companies don’t have strategies or processes to support employees who are victims of physical and mental abuse.

Ignorance of the issue is no longer an excuse for employers.


It's estimated that 7%* of women are exposed to sexual and physical abuse.


 1,5 MSEK

Data shows that 3% of domestic violence victims are men.

The estimated total hidden cost for employers, with 200 employees, is 1.5 MSEK per year.

* This number does not include victims of mental abuse and male victims.

In both cases we can expect these numbers to be much higher in reality.

Our solutions

Our three-step process and technological solution aim to help industry-leading companies support their employees as they break free from abusive relationships.



Create awareness through webinars, lectures and information material. 



MILO is an application that guides an abused employee through a process of acting on their own living situation. 



Our treatment program for those employees who need extra support to change their living situations. 

Our solutions have been developed with the help of researchers from different areas, practitioners and the single most important fact, previous victims of domestic abuse/intimate partner violence.

Our Story

We’re a group of experienced people with a groundbreaking idea that contributes towards a better tomorrow for employees that are abused by their partners.


We provide smart and easy to apply solutions for companies of all sizes and pride ourselves on our unparalleled, dedicated service.


Change collective provides your company with knowledge and continuous support.


We help you educate your staff on how to identify signs of domestic violence, support them as they support your employees, and act as a guiding hand for your employees as they strive for independence.

Our services acts as a strong and competitive EVP for companies that see value in supporting their employees in all areas of life that can affect their well-being and productivity at work.

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