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Change Collective

Creating a mental health improvement for the many 

Reap the benefits

Change Collective envisions a future where every business operates from a holistic employee perspective. Our clients testify to safer workplaces, reduced sickness absence, and improved productivity.


It is estimated that at least 5 percent of employees in a workplace are victims of physical, sexual, or psychological abuse in close relationships. We also work with stalking where an acquaintance or another person can be the perpetrator.

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Why you should partner with Change Collective​​

Change Collective has a specialized approach in addressing complex social issues within the workplace, like domestic violence. The provision of comprehensive support materials, personalized counseling, and crucial incident interventions are all a deep commitment to employee welfare. This focus not only strengthens the social work environment but also directly contributes to employee safety and well-being.


Proven impact on safety

Change Collective has a tangible, life-saving impact on employees' lives, we have proof that our interventions are not merely theoretical but have real-world benefits. Additionally, the ability to enhance workplace security protocols and to foster an open culture where issues can be discussed and addressed is a strong differentiator for why to choose Change Collective.


Holistic approach

Change Collective's comprehensive support system, which includes training, counseling, and safety measures, is a holistic approach to employee well-being that can significantly enhance the overall work environment and culture.





Corporate Sustainability 

Partnering with us strengthens your Employee Value Proposition, demonstrating a commitment to supporting your employees in every aspect of their lives. This commitment not only enhances well-being and productivity but also positions your company as a leader in social responsibility.

Our platform and services contribute to achieving several of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, including Good Health and Well-being, Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. By working with us, you're not just investing in your employees; you're contributing to a global movement towards a healthier, more equitable world. Our services are today used by our customers in reporting according to CSRD. 

These points stress the practical benefits of engaging with Change Collective, emphasizing not just the ethical imperative but also the operational advantages of fostering a safer and more supportive workplace. 

Today, we have supported numerous businesses. Join the ranks of other successful businesses that have partnered with us to address the negative effects of domestic abuse in the workplace. Share in the success and be part of a movement that's reshaping the corporate world.

A part of Change Collective's surplus goes to the association Oslagbar. 

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How our process looks like


You book a 30-minute digital meeting through the form below or by email


In that meeting we explain how we work and what improvements you can expect from a collaboration. We provide a detailed description of our products and services. .


We send a quote and You decide how you want to begin our collaboration. Whether you want to purchase a basic kit, a preliminary study, or a single webinar. 


We carry out the project we have agreed upon.


We have a 30-minute follow-up digital meeting about the outcome of the completed assignment. 

Karol Vieker, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager SSE 

The Stockholm School of Economics has collaborated with Change Collective for several years regarding domestic violence from a working environment perspective. We have engaged them to hold lectures for our managers, employees and students, and we are very satisfied with both the knowledge and the concrete tips that have been conveyed. We have also turned to Change Collective for advice and support for individual employees who have been subjected. They have really made a difference on an individual level in those cases. We are so grateful for the collaboration with Change Collective, which has helped us put issues around domestic violence on the agenda
Stockholm school of economics logotype

Eva-Kristin Andersson, HR Manager Sodexo Sverige 

Change Collective has put domestic violence on the map in our operations. Together, we have developed a routine and process for how our employees can receive the best support in their situations. We have increased the knowledge in our operations through many webinars, and our managers have received tangible support to handle conversations and situations within their teams. 

 Our employees have received the right professional help that has truly made a difference in their situations. In fact, the Swedish organization has gained increased awareness and pride in the fact that we are a company that actually makes a difference for both employees and the business. 

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Erik Eliasson, Security coordinator, Chalmers

Chalmers has had a collaboration with Change Collective for many years, they have held lectures to both employees and students but also helped us handle very complicated matters. Now Change Collective is helping Chalmers develop routines to systematize our work with violence in intimate relationships and its impact on the workplace/study environment. The lectures are very much appreciated and we believe that we help students and employees to discover and get help in dealing with abusive relationships, and that individuals who have the information can avoid getting too deep into this types of toxic relationships. By getting clear routines in place, we increase the ability of early identification of cases and thereby we can reduce both suffering and costs.
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It's estimated that 7%* of women are exposed to sexual and/or physical abuse.


Data shows that 3% of domestic violence victims are men.

1.5 MSEK

The estimated total hidden cost for employers, with 200 employees, is 1.5 MSEK per year.

Woman 30, two children

II would never have managed the separation on my own. I was too deep in the darkness. Not feeling alone has been crucial. I began to see the violence in a new context. I felt that someone out there knew and was there for me; that made all the difference. Honestly, I don't know if I would have survived without your help.
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