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Company or organisation 

Are you interested in knowing more about domestic violence, stalking, its impact on your company and employees? What the hidden cost is in your business and what you can do for your company? At the same time, you contribute to helping colleagues and make a social impact. Order a free introduction in the form of a short webinar with experts in occupational health, psychosocial health, and legal matters. We provide a brief introduction to the company's role in this pressing matter. 

Occupational health 

You, who work in occupational health and want to know more about your important role and how Change Collective can contribute to your work in psychosocial health. As occupational health, you can receive continuous internal support among other things. 

If you are abused or someone you know

If you want to know more and receive support for yourself or more information to be able to support a friend, colleague, or family member, please contact Oslagbar Association. 

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