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Take yourself to the next step 

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Take your organization to the next step on how to work with psychosocial ill health

  • Visualized insights to help break the normalization process.

  • Unbiased, non-discriminatory support available 24/7

  • Provides employees with support if they do not feel comfortable contacting management or HR.

  • Security features: login required, emergency button, app can be shut down if necessary.

  • Cost savings.

  • As a manager, you can be confident that you are supporting and contributing to the well-being of your employees while strengthening the social work environment.

  • Provides employees with support in cases where they do not want to speak with their immediate supervisor or HR.

As a manager you can be assured that you support and contribute to your employees wellbeing and that you at the same time strengthening your teams social work environment.

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