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Cave Hiker

Being abused 

We are glad that you have found your way here. You have noticed that your relationship is destructive. Perhaps you are hesitant about whether it can get better, if there can be a change? You may think that the relationship is not entirely negative. Some periods are positive and happy. You are tossed between hope and despair. Sometimes you reach a point where you become increasingly convinced that you need to leave.


In those situations the question that always returns is how? You also wonder what will happen afterward. If you stay, you have some form of control, you think. Common questions are; How will I manage? Will our children or pets be harmed? If I leave, what if he or she takes their own life? It's best not to do anything. I can manage a little longer. All these thoughts, and surely 100 more in various forms, are not uncommon. You have been broken down in so many different ways. You may have been told that you are worthless, that no one will want you, or that you won't make it. All of this has become truths. You understand; what we are constantly fed settles within us. Eventually, we believe it, it becomes our truth, maybe not all the time but most of the time. Then comes the shame. Shame for staying and how it has affected yourself and others around you.


You can leave! You should know that you are stronger than most. You have endured terror, conflicts, blows, kicks, and probably much more that some cannot even imagine. In all of this, you have also had minimal recovery, and yet here you are, still standing. You are seeking ways to regain control of your life. We are impressed by you.


To increase your awareness of how your situation really looks today.To understand what is likely happening to you and your family if you do nothing, and ultimately how to get out of the situation and move forward, you need to click your way to if you work at a company that for the moment does not have an agreement with Change Collective. On Oslagbar, you can receive the right support and ensure that the right activities are carried out in the right phases of your personal leaving process. Oslagbar will help you design your personal safe plan for the future

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