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Psychological safety and inclusion deteriorates when we don't talk about domestic abuse

Updated: Mar 28

Psychological safety and inclusion deteriorates when we don't talk about domestic abuse. Inclusion and domestic abuse 

In our quest to create a healthy and productive work environment, we face many challenges. One of the most urgent is to ensure psychological safety for our employees. But what happens when this fundamental element is affected by domestic violence that follows individuals to the workplace? This blog post will explore the topic of psychological safety and how it relates to the management of domestic violence in the workplace.

Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Domestic violence is a dark and complex issue that affects many people. However, it is important to understand that this problem does not stop at the threshold of the workplace. It follow the victims to the workplace and affect their physical and psychological well-being. Those living with domestic violence often experience a sense of fear, shame, and insecurity, and this can have a direct impact on their psychological safety at work. Similarly, it carries over to the workplace in a completely different way today through mobile phones and emails. A vulnerable employee is no longer protected at work from harassment, control, or threats by their current or former partner.

Psychological Safety: What is it and Why is it important?

Psychological safety is about creating an environment where employees dare to share their opinions and feelings, without fear of retaliation. It is fundamental for promoting open communication, innovation, and collaboration. When domestic violence affects an employee, it leads to silence, isolation, and reduced productivity in some cases. In other cases, they may resort to passive aggressiveness or power tactics. If this is not addressed, it automatically leads to exclusion. What it also leads to is teams that do not collaborate optimally. This is because we humans affect each other. Our facial expressions, our mood, indeed everything we do affects others. We have a tendency to synchronize with each other. This can be very positive and therefore it is important to act to build everyone in a group and not exclude some.

How Is Psychological Safety Affected?

In the fight to create a workplace that promotes psychological safety and handles the impact of domestic violence, knowledge and compassion are our most important weapons. Together, we can create a workplace where all employees feel supported and protected, regardless of the challenges they face in their private lives. An inclusive workplace is one where every voice is heard and every individual can develop.

Some valuable questions

On the topic of psychological safety and to discuss in groups are:

  • If you make a mistake in your team, is it held against you?

  • Are you able to bring up problems and tough issues?

  • Do people in the team sometimes reject others for being different?

  • Is it safe to take a risk?

  • Is it difficult to ask other team members for help?

  • Do people in the team deliberately act to undermine your efforts?

  • Are your unique skills and talents valued and utilized?

Thank you for reading!

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