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  • Iwette Rapoport

Enough is enough! We must stop domestic abuse

Updated: Mar 28

Enough is enough! We must stop domestic abuse! How to do it.

Three women in week 11 in Sweden were murdered by someone with whom they have, or had, a relationship! Read that sentence again. Three women in one week have been murdered by someone who was supposed to love them, who was supposed to be a team with them, who was supposed to ensure that they were not harmed.

We need to look for other solutions, not continue in the same old rut. For those above, it's too late, but there are others who are currently living at risk of being murdered by their current or former partners. Start there, start recognizing those who live in different phases of relationships where they are exposed to violence by their current or ex-partners. Do not use selective attention and hope it resolves itself.

It's not someone else's responsibility, because this 'someone else' doesn't exist or chooses the same solution, to look away. Pay attention and guide these women and men to the various forms of support that are available. Who knows, you could save someone's life just by noticing and paying attention to them for 10 minutes.

The area of domestic violence is a part of psychosocial ill health. It affects work and is widespread among those who live in relationships where they are exposed to violence by their partners. In our workplaces, where we spend a large part of our time, they are present. If noticed in time, given attention, and they receive the right help to leave, the breakdown of a friend, colleague, or family member can be stopped.

It is not an easy path forward, but we know it is possible. With each correct step taken in the process of leaving, a difference is made. That the right steps are taken at the right time is critical because this is a minefield. A misstep at any phase can result in several years of post-violence trauma.

We all deserve better!

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